Oribe Texture Spray by Chris Funk


Oribe Texture Spray


This product is functional on so many different levels, it’s a definite must have for any guy or girl who loves product and playing with their hair.


First off, the Oribe Texture spray can act as a light dry shampoo. There’s no color to it what so ever, so no visible residue is ever left behind. You simply section your hair and spray on the root area that’s looking a bit too greasy to leave the house with. Then you just shake up your hair with your hands, or run your brush through it quickly, depending on the finished look you are looking for.



Milkshake Argan Oil


This is definitely one of my favorite new products. A lot of Argan Oils on the market right now are quite hair type specific, but I find this one is quite versatile. It leaves the hair feeling soft, super high in shine, and helps maintain the overall strength of the hair when used on a regular basis. When using any type of Argan Oil, remember a little goes a long way.



To really do a vamp up of your hair, bringing it from dull and dry to lustrous and full of moisture you want to start off with a great shampoo and conditioner.

Luxurious – Stylish – must be the Swiss ski resort of Zermatt


After spending an incredible 2 weeks in the luxurious and stylish Swiss ski resort of Zermatt over the New Year holiday, I was so delighted when I discovered that this was to be the backdrop for the “Bachelor” Finale!



But let’s talk about that exclusive Swiss resort where there is no such thing as fashion excess. FUR! FUR! FUR!

Malene Grotrian custom Bridal

My fiancé and I were invited, along with two other couples, to participate in an ‘Ultimate Shootout’ with 30 photographers. The other two couples were married and got the chance to dress up in their wedding gowns and suits again but David and I aren’t married yet so our photo shoot was an opportunity to celebrate and document our engagement. “How fun!” was my first thought and…… “what to wear?” was my second. But I knew who to call.