Photo Editorial: Sticks and Stones

frAsh has come a long way since it##Q##s conception in 2002 – a jewellery company that was birthed by two art driven individuals, Isobel Walker and Eiryn Jakob.

What began as a time filler over a summer has expanded into a unique brand that is making it##Q##s name known across Canada. Since the conception of frAsh Isobel Walker has taken over the company and is the sole designer and creator of the line.


Moving on from pieces that were once made purely of reclaimed vintage jewellery, Isobel has since been able to combine the old and the new to create pieces that are still unique and reflect the initial concept behind the frAsh brand – A fresh take on someone else##Q##s trash – .

2011 has been a big year for Isobel and frAsh, receiving exposure at such events as Ottawa Fashion week where frAsh was a sponsor and worked to create an exclusive design for the event.

AF Personalities Series Presents: ALI LIEBERT

AF – Was acting in the blood, were you the ‘dramatic’ one of your friends or did you come in to as you got older?

To be honest, I am a huge ham.  I’m the first-born, I’m a Leo and I love entertaining more than anything in the world, so, yes it’s definitely in my blood. If I can grab your attention and make you laugh, I will try my hardest to do so – well, unless I’m grumpy and then I will sulk, pout and ignore you. I was quite involved in theatre when I was a kid so I always had an outlet for my dramatic outpourings and before I found the theatre audiences I forced my family to witness many of my performances.  I feel especially sorry for my brother.  He had to listen to 10 years of me practicing singing.  Poor guy.


AF -How old were you when you did your first production? What was it?

I believe my first theatrical performance was playing Mary in my kindergarten Christmas Play.   I accidentally dropped baby  “Jesus” off of the stage onto his Cabbage Patch doll head.   I was less concerned about Jesus than I was with finishing the correct choreography sans Baby.  Rapping on the pilot of the L Word was my first ‘speaking’ role on a TV show – I think I was 21.