My Fav Jewelry picks

My Fav Jewelry picks



I don’t know about you other ladies but I know when it comes to myself and putting an outfit together that jewellery is a crucial factor! So much so in my family that whenever I was going out places my mother used to come and check my outfit and more importantly check if I had on enough jewellery, and if I didn’t have enough jewellery on I was marched back upto my room to put that extra bracelet on or a different pair of earrings.



For these actions my mother earned the label “the jewellery police”. I have my mother to thank now for my love of jewellery has grown tremendously, I now do not leave the house without a pair of earrings and I am usually found to be layering up my bracelets. My favourite jewellery brand is a local one called “Flick” her designs are all hand made which means none of the pieces she makes are identical, they all differ slightly.

Waiting In The Sun

Straying from the more put together looks, today’s post is rough, grungy and still fantastically stylish. Crass vs. Class, this look epitomizes the use of contrast with such an off-kilter balance that it cannot be ignored. The one loose under layer escaping the skin tight armour stands out, yet it is the covering layers that really project this cares-to-the-wind fashion.

The class is offered as tasteful items like the flawless white headscarf.

Toranj Kayvon

AF @ Jason Matlo Eco Fashion Week 2011

Jason Matlo Eco Fashion Week 2011



A little bit about him


Jason Matlo is a Vancouver based Fashion designer with a single goal:


” to set a benchmark for Canadian made ready-to-wear women##Q##s fashion, and to bring international acclaim and recognition to his brand as the most luxurious and sophisticated women##Q##s line that is designed and manufactured in Canada.”


You will see a strong expression of femininity within each collection, and a design that appeals to confident women who celebrate fashion through a desire for innovative design, luxurious fabrics and textures and meticulous attention to detail. Jason##Q##s skill and talent as a designer allow him to adopt an uncompromising approach to quality and detail that places him in rare company.


The show


Matlo showed his new line during Eco Fashion week yesterday, Feb 23rd at the Shangri La Hotel in Vancouver, BC. As expected the show was packed with the who##Q##s who of the Vancouver social and fashion scene, with AF##Q##s own photographer Toranj Kayvon in the prime spot at the end of the runway.  The room was flooded with lots of beautiful natural light giving an open feeling.

Quick tips to bring your complexion into spring

Quick tips to bring your complexion into spring



While it may feel like anything but spring with ice on the ground and temperatures in the negatives, but the sun is shining these days and only going to get brighter, and eventually, warmer. Lauren Conrad embodies the easy west coast style, but southern girls get their colour naturally. Here are some tips to ease your pale and parched winter skin into a fresh spring glow…


– Perfect your canvas. A great tip came to me via Noir Lash Lounge##Q##s twitter – after washing, first prep your skin with a heavy moisturizer, give a minute to set, then use your regular moisturizer on top.

Georgia - Melbourne

Unique finds in Melbourne, Australia

Unique finds in Melbourne, Australia

I am Georgia and I come to you from down under, yes thats correct, the one and only Australia.
While Australia has never really been known as a “fashion icon” country. There are really many interesting and quirky designers within this beautiful country. Many of these quirky shops lay in the small alley ways of Melbourne, finding them is truly a mission unless you know where you are going. There are hundreds of different side streets and alley ways that can be an absolute haven for  local shoppers but a maze for tourists.

A Breath of Fresh British Air

A Breath of Fresh British Air

There’s something rather charming about unapologetic girly-ness – it’s sweet, primp and classically sexy. Amidst the proliferation of mix-and-match boy-ish garb and baggy clothes, style trends are beating down the purely feminine form of dress. Chloe hasn’t quite taken to the tousled look because she’s all about the frills, the fit, the bold-patterns and the florals. The key, however, is balance; doing it right requires finding the middle ground between British rose- proper and city girl-hip. Chloe makes it work because she identifies the practical end of important basics and embellishes them all with delicate accents.

What You Just Can’t Do

What You Just Can##Q##t Do

A look more suited for a night out could seem too dressy midday, but paired with simple outerwear the look screams polished rather than party. The contrast of casual and formal is easy to play up with the rights accessories and accentuating touches.


In this outfit, the leather boots in dark neutrals ground the look, keeping it relaxed. The brown cuff detail adds interest, as does the curving edge. Surprising lines stand out, yet this is so subtle one might have to look twice to notice the decorative extra.

Dressing Up for Less

Dressing Up for Less

Girls, we need dresses for parties and special nights out that will show off our best assets without putting a dent in our wallets. Here’s a collection of affordable dresses that were found on-line for under twenty dollars!

First is a Floral Dress with tan Belt from Forever 21. This v-neck ruffle dress in a cute floral print comes in different colours and the brown belt adds an extra vintage vibe for the perfect finishing touch. As you probably already know, Forever 21 is separated into different style department.

Lisbeth Jewelry

AF Vancouver Sophie Alden might have named her jewellery line after the character Lisbeth in the popular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novel and sequels but it turns out it was for a different reason.


She named her line Lisbeth Jewelry after her middle name because it was the name she always wanted.
“I think one of the reasons why Lisbeth is so great is that it is so versatile–I wear the same necklace in the day with a T-shirt and jeans as I do when I go out at night,” she says.


“The jewellery isn’t meant for a specific occasion but to be complimentary to one’s personal style.”Her vision for Lisbeth is for it to be sold in fashion boutiques and department stores worldwide. Her main focus is on the Unites States right now.