Boho-Chic Meets Downtown

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You can tell Caitlin’s been influenced by Vancouver’s city-within-a-city vibe; there’s the too-cool, avant-garde aura of Gastown, the hippie-yoga-loving people in Kits and those draped in designer-duds from Yaletown. Her style is the perfect marriage of the fresh, upscale and classic flare of the mid-downtown scene with the free flowing nature of a Kitsilano lovechild. She tells me the important blank canvas for any of her outfits is a good fitting pair of black leggings and a white tee. And from there on she creates, layers, mixes time periods and styles and somehow produces the Caitlin version of boho-chic.

She says she’s been into the “back to the garden” look for a while now, which includes floral shirts and dresses, Native-American jewelry, moccasins, peacock feathers and earthy toned basics.

100th POST!!

100 Posts

I would like to take a quick second to thanks my wonderful writing staff for all their efforts over the last 150 days since our launch. This is our 100th post and what makes me proud about that is … AF is bringing you fresh new post, stories and content every 1.5 days. This is what makes us so successful and relevant to our devote readers.

My first 2 writers Kari B and Lindsey Whittaker ( ) helped the site keep going whilst I struggled with the layout and design and because of them I probably wouldn##Q##t be here today.

Vancouver Beauty Pick: Skoah

I am a firm believer in proper skin care – even in my starving student days I did a weekly home-made mask, wore a good quality sun screen and etched out some budget for a twice yearly trip to the beauty school for a facial. Facials feel like an indulgence – but a regular check-in with an aesthetician is also a great tool for diagnosing your skin woes and learning what sort of products will improve your skin. A standing appointment for a quarterly facial will give your skin the seasonal deep cleaning it needs, and minimize breakouts, large pores and dryness. Along with hydrating from within (water, water and more water) it will earn you that glow we all love.

Skoah is a beauty boutique pick here in BC, a strictly skin care company that offers facials.


Minimalist with a twist, this look is anything but complicated. The style is very basic but still interesting with the tiers of separates.  While the bottom is understated, the layers are piled on the upper half, dividing the focus between the cluster of tops and the trendy moccasins.

The major piece in this outfit is the cream coloured coat. Embracing the natural, details include the dark wooden toggles.

Modeling F.A.Q.’s

As a model, I get asked a lot of questions about modeling and the fashion industry. Thus, I’ve decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions I receive when I disclose to people that I model. Please note that these are my personal answers and opinions, based on my own experiences.

How did you get into modeling?

I was scouted in my second year of university, while I was at a friend’s party in Ottawa (by Viresh Pujara of Covermodels Management). I had been scouted twice before in highschool, and always had an interest in working in the fashion industry.

A Girl’s Twist on Menswear

For Maria, style is more than getting dressed for the sake of getting dressed – it’s actually about consciously changing her image through her choice of clothing. If wearing clothes is about owning what you wear, then she really owns the idea of combining sleek femininity with a masculine edge. In fact, her style proficiency lies in somehow managing to make the arrangement of both, appear seamless. Maria’s fashion aesthetic also tends to reflect her mash-up of consignment finds and pricey boutique pieces. Inadvertently, the fundamentals of being fashionable lie in wearing what she likes and moving along with the trends at her own pace.

Sparkle and Shine

Although not entirely weather appropriate, this look lightens the dismal mood that comes with cloudy skies.  It’s casual, with a touch of sparkle. Different fabrics and textures are played up by the varying separates. This style offers a sense of ease;  it’s so simple and put-together.

The look has a laid-back air, the flat ankle boots keeping it relaxed.  The boots and the scarf in shades of grey are sought-after basics for the wanting wardrobe.  The scarf, a cozy accessory, is simple and stylish.

Lost & Found


Lost & Found clothing lovers are often free-spirited, confident and independent women who have a taste for art and travel. That’s what inspires this clothing line and what designer Sylvia Lee must keep in mind daily.


“The Lost & Found brand is for that particular customer that follows the trends but suits it to her own individuality,” Lee says. “We don’t do anything crazy-trendy but we take that into account when we design and we reinterpret it so it suits our customer.”


Lee started with Spank Clothing, a Vancouver-based clothing store, in 2008 as the fashion designer for their main brand. She developed a relationship with Jana Ignelzi, the owner of Spank, while working at  Flosport as Spank used to carry the FLO line.

Jeggings: The Next Generation

Leggings have been in style for awhile now and still going strong.  They are simply a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  They come in a variety of colours and lengths.

You might say this trend is reminiscent of the ‘80s with images of Madonna on a gondola singing away about virginity, but leggings have evolved in the twenty first century.  There have been many other interpretations of the footless hose.

There is the Jegging.  Whoever invented the word probably is the mastermind behind “Brangelina”.  Simply put this is a legging that has the resemblance of a pair of jeans.  More comfortable than those tight jeans you have to force your legs to magically appear on the other end.  They look like a pair of jeans with the stretchy ability to be called a legging.  Genius!


Here’s a pair selling for $49.50 at Hollister.

Some of these jeggings look like a pair of jeans but there are others that are obviously a pair of tights.  Like the ones with the sprayed on picture of jean pockets on the back of a pair of tights.  Not everyone’s style but is definitely interesting.

The jeggings below are made out of jean material but look more like a legging than a pair of jeans.  So it depends on what kind of look you are going for.  Maybe we’ll see “joga pants” at Lululemon one of these days.  This reporter may be onto something!