Beauty tips that work from the mountains to the street

Vancouverites were treated to our first snow of the season last week, and it##Q##s promising to be a long & cold winter. Which also means it##Q##s a long and snowy year up on the mountains (weee!).
Here are some picks to keep you looking fresh in the cold:
  1. It seems like the summer sunshine is eons away – but the rays are still damaging your skin. Especially up on the mountain with the reflection off of the snow. My favorite daily sunscreen product is TimeWise Day Solutions by Mary Kay.

Dace Designs Vancouver

Dace Designs Vancouver

Since 2001, Dace Moore of Vancouver##Q##s Dace Designs has been creating forward thinking collections in her Gastown studio. Originally from the Okanagan Valley, Moore came to Vancouver with little more than a dream.  Over the past eight years she has carefully crafted her designs and made a name for herself not only on the West Coast but across Canada.
Moore##Q##s parents came from relatively modest means, and when the back to school season rolled around, Moore and her siblings would each be given $100 to spend on their fall wardobe.  While her siblings would arrive home with several different pairs of  pants, shirts and shoes, Moore says she would use hers to buy one or two special pieces, opting for quality over quantity.
Arriving in Vancouver with virtually no sewing or design skills, Moore would scour the thrift shops, collecting fabric scraps and making her own pieces to sell to consignment stores.  When they began to actually sell, Moore decided to study at the Blanche Macdonald Centre for Applied Design, completing the program in 1998.
Dace##Q##s pieces are known for their mix of clean lines and femininity.  Her fall 2010 collection features more than just shirts, dresses and pants.  There are outerwear pieces, accessories and duvets and throws for style at home as well.

Especially notable are this season##Q##s April Blouse, with its beautiful lace  details and button closures on the right shoulder,available in both  cream and black.  Other gems include the Dilan Tank dress with  binding detail, curved hemline and elastic waist, the Kyle pleated  100% cotton trousers with angled front zipper and slightly cropped  leg.  Then there is the Lee Jacket, a wool coat with brass buttons that  are used with the leather toggles.

Save some $ on beauty basics

Perhaps it##Q##s my Scottish roots, but I##Q##m always annoyed when I go by the drugstore to grab a couple basic items and end up spending $30. I##Q##d much rather spend it on “spendy”, fun stuff – an eye cream that turns back the clock or a lip stain that stays past lunch. Here are a few ways to save some money that actually do a better job:

  1. Cotton Swabs – the cheapest ear swabs are the best ear swabs for beauty purposes – head to the dollar store! The more expensive swabs, such as Q-tip ($4.50), the softer and fluffier they are – which means more fluff in your make-up or eye. The smaller tip also provides more precision – and a big box is a deal for a buck. Savings – $3.50
  2. Baby Wipes – while you are at the Dollar Store grab a package of these as well, unscented is best.

Going for Gogol

What is more fun than a night out at a show? Concert-wear can come in a variety of different styles, depending on everything from the venue to the genre of music. No matter what influences the look, dressing right adds another level of excitement to the show. Most important is being comfortable, not just how the clothes feel but how you feel in them. It would be pointless to wear something you can’t move in.

“Story of a Girl”

LuvnGrace Entertainment never ceases to amaze with the fabulous high fashion events that have been gracing the nightlife in Vancouver for the past few months, and last Wednesday##Q##s  “Story of a Girl” Fashion Show at Club 560 was no exception.

I arrived fashionably late, to a buzzing crowd of stylish vancouverites all viewing glam accessories and cosmetics all by local designers. Beautiful pearls by Bun, handbags by Davie and Chiyo, and even Arbonne; cosmetics with key ingredients like vitamin C, cotton and kaolin.

Jazz music by “Jazz Baby” flowed in the background as people mingled and perused the lovely fashion finds, and anxiously awaited the much anticipated fashion show by Blushing Boutique.

Karen Holness, Lead singer of Jazz Baby

The fashion show really captured what it means to be a woman in Vancouver.

Chic Versatility: Accessories for under $100

Being a fashion stylist has its many perks. One of them being that I get to see a lot of hot and chic trends and pieces before the general public. Here I have compiled a delicious list of fabulous accessories to add to your wish list this coming holiday season. Enjoy!

The Scarf

Of course it##Q##s getting cold and you need a little cute number to put around your neck.

Vancouver Fashion Week: Off the Runway

Off the Runway

This past weekend I went to my first fashion show at Vancouver Fashion Week. I was able to catch the tail-end of the shows on Sunday evening. Although spring and summer trends were strutting past me on the runway, I was distracted by the styles in the seats next to me.

I’d say there were two main categories of dress at the event. The majority wore cocktail dresses, hair swept back in up-dos, and wrists heavy with sparkle.

Five minutes with… Malene Grotrian

Malene Grotrian, named, The Vancouver Sun: Top 10 Up-and-Comers to Watch and Buy, and also runner up for the Georgia Straights Best of Vancouver Local Designer Boutique. Sported by many a model in many a editorials, she has also shown in NYC during 2009 Fashion Week, Malene Grotrian is definitely one to be watched. Here is the long awaited Assignment Fashion interview with the locally famed fashion designer. Enjoy!

AF: What did you want to be as a child, did you always want to be a fashion designer?

M: Absolutely, I don’t remember wanting to do anything other than what I am doing today.