Let me introduce you to TOMASZ DONOCIK, the hippest, coolest jewelry line to come out of the UK since Stephen Webster!
London based designer Tomasz Donocik was bornin Poland and raised in Austria. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Donocik worked for internationally renowned jeweller Stephen Webster. Donocik’s body of work attempts to boldly reinterpret modernity through subverting motifs of classicism and masculinity. His inspirations consist of literature,architecture and surrealism.

Danier Leather/Raphael Mazzucco VIP Media Launch

Raphael Mazzucco, the fabulous photographer who has been shooting Danier Leather’s ad campaigns for the

Mary Zilba in London … let’s start with the shopping!

So I##Q##m back in London and loving it!

Per usual I did a bit of what I would like to call, “investigative shopping”  and it took all the power within me not to pull out that plastic every few feet!  Its so much fun to try and find those unique items while traveling and isn##Q##t it always great to bring back things from places you know you can##Q##t find here!  The boutiques are incredible and of course, with stores like Selfridges and Harrods, you might as well just set up camp for a few days!

This trip however, I had an agenda and was looking to find a few key pieces to add as staples to my wardrobe and have a few shops I couldn##Q##t leave London without visiting:

First off, as you can see all around in fashion right now its all about the LEATHER!

I am back from the UK!

I am back from the UK!  What a great time to have been in London just as fall is kicking into full gear.  I absolutely LOVE fall fashion and as I meandered around the city, it was like being surrounded by a giant catwalk!  As much as us westerners see and hear about the funky side of London fashion, which can be extremely entertaining, the truth is Londoners know how to dress!  No matter what look they are going for, they look “put together”, men and women alike.

Looking for Some Authenticity?

You know those pieces in your closet that are the ‘classics’, the one’s you’re sure your kids will wear in the next generation? Those boyfriend bootleg jeans or cozy sweater now have a down to earth piece to pair with them.

Pyrrha, which we love even more because its local, is an antiquey, humble jewellery line that turns 19th century stamp seals into necklaces. These embossed silver pendants vibe off the last era and tune into the next century. The chains are that great extra-long length to dial down any Friday night silky dress with a bit of the past.