How to Outsmart Cloudburts

Guten Tag!

Although fall seems to promise a majority of sunshine-filled days, those sneaky daytime cloudburts always sense your most optimistic outfits. The brother duo Daniel and Markus Freitag designed practical pieces for those exact surprises. Even though these brothers are from Zurich, us Vancouverites can definitely relate, eh?

All these bags are constructed of pre-loved truck tarps, seat belts, bicycle inner tubes and recycled airbags.

Would you like a bag for that?

You know that deliciously satisfying feeling, when you’re walking out of a store, arms full of bags simply packed with the day’s purchases? Red lines engrave themselves into the creases of your elbows and the tingle in your fingers reminds you to readjust the sweet deals hanging from your limbs as you fumble for the house key. The scars of a successful hunt.

You finally get in the front door and lay out the finds on your bed as you decide what tomorrow’s outfit will be. And those bags?

Chic Versatility…The Cape

As the colder weather is sneaking up on us, I find myself in a bind in regards to dressing for the weather. It##Q##s too cold to wear those lovely print dresses and sandals, however too hot to pile on the layers.

The trench coat makes for a great fall cover up and is one of the all famous key classic pieces to have season after season. This year I have seen my fair share of takes on the classic trench, and my favorite is the trench-cape. It is a great cover up for now over shorts with ankle boots and later with jeans or leggings and of course a flirty little lace number to add some texture.