Men’s Fashion Week: In Review


Dominique’s Stylish picks.

Last Saturday evening saw the return of Men’s Fashion Week to Vancouver, showcasing both local and international menswear designers. With the stage set in the atrium of the cool and contemporary Woodwards building, eight fashion houses got to strut their stuff. From classic suiting to street-wear through to ethnic-inspired casual wear, Men’s Fashion Week showcased it all!

So who were my top picks?

Taste Makers Menswear

Local designer Trish P showcased a young, funky and fresh collection.
Her unique patterns use images from Neil Armstrong‘s actual space suit.
The edgy yet fun feel of the designs paired with the vibrant palette are sure to make this a hit with the young fashion crowd.

Taste Makers


Courtney Billinkoffs beautifully wearable designs seemed effortlessly classic. I heard many murmurs from the men around me that several of the pieces could easily slip into their wardrobe. The collection seemed to marry practicality and style with a great deal of success.


I admit I am a sucker for a well tailored jacket and that is exactly what I got from this collection. Doberman’s designs blew me away. The beautifully fitted jackets and perfectly detailed denim shirts carried this collection to another level. From the all natural fabrics and fastenings to the striking red detail stitching, I found myself captivated and really look forward to my next trip to Seattle to find designer Adam Welch out. This designer is definitely one to watch!
Doberman 3Doberman 2Doberman 1

Photography courtesy of JHonePhotography – See his work HERE